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Java & Android SDK


This is a pre-release "preview" library and currently only available from the sonatype snapshots repository and not currently in the Maven Central Repository. The jar is available for direct download here.

You can also find the source on GitHub directly.

Using Maven:


or using Gradle:

compile 'com.robinpowered:robin-java-sdk:1.0.0-SNAPSHOT'

Getting Started

Using the Robin API requires an API access token, which can be generated by logging into the Dashboard and navigating to your team's "Settings".

Once you have an access token, you can instantiate the RobinApi class to easily make API calls:

Credential credential = new AccessTokenCredential("my token");
RobinApi apiClient = new RobinApi(credential);

ApiResponse<List<Presence>> presence = apiClient.getService(PlacesService.class).getPresence(mySpaceId).getData();

Java & Android SDK

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