Get current presence for a location


This is great for long polling presence

Polling this endpoint is the best way to track updates to your location activity across multiple spaces. Unless you're only working with a single space, using this endpoint with space_ids is more efficient than querying each space presence directly.

Returns all the current presence sessions for a location. Presence can be associated to a user or a device resource. If the presence belongs to a specific user, that user model will be embedded in the response. If it belongs to a device, likewise it will be embedded in the response.

This endpoint returns the most accurate version of presence we have for active users. Presence with a space_id of null, are location level. (e.g. Users outside a space's range, but still visible to the beacon signal)

Please note that the space ID is returned, but not the model. It is recommended that all spaces or a specific list of spaces for the location are first fetched before fetching the presence for the location. Using both these responses, spaces can be mapped to presence resources, or vice-versa.

Presence reporting by a device is indicative of "anonymous" presence where it is not known who is in the space, just that it is occupied. This information is inferred from device data from a sensor, such as an infrared sensor.

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