Search space availability based on multiple parameters and get back results in a "Best Fit" order


Use this endpoint to get multiple schedules

This is the best endpoint for fetching more than one space schedule at a time. It's been built with queries in mind, and will give the best performance for your app.

You must include either location_ids or space_ids in your request. Everything else is optional.

The free-busy endpoint is great for searching schedules between spaces, locations, and associated meta. If you see the word "filter" in a parameter above, it implies that non-matching results are omitted entirely, vs. just ordered lower in the results.

By default, this endpoint will filter out specialty (e.g kitchen) space types unless explicitly provided. You can manually override via the types param. Types returned by default are:

  • null (No space type assigned yet)
  • breakout
  • call
  • conference
  • meeting
  • office
  • study_room
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