A collection of spaces. Most commonly a building or floor.

Physically speaking, a location is typically an office or a building and can be associated to a specific physical address.


Locations should exist on a map

Locations that do not adhere to this constraint by containing spaces that belong to different (or non-existent) geographical locations may be subject to removal.


idIntegerThe ID of the location
account_idStringThe ID of the organization
campus_idintThe ID of the campus. This may be null if the location doesn't belong to a campus.
nameStringThe name of the location
descriptionStringThe description of the location
addressStringThe street address of the location
imageStringA URL of containing a photo of or image representing the location
latitudeFloatA latitude coordinate resolved from the address field
longitudeFloatA longitudecoordinate resolved from the address field


  "id": 5,
  "account_id": 18,
  "name": "Robin HQ",
  "description": "The Boston office for Robin",
  "address": "87 Summer St. FL 2, Boston, MA",
  "latitude": 42.353817,
	"longitude": -71.058639,
  "image": "https://static.robinpowered.com/apps-api/space-images/1a205a64e7b9d31472ebd1ae55717d5c.jpg",
  "updated_at": "2014-08-08T17:04:17+0000",
  "created_at": "2014-07-02T19:18:23+0000"