Desk (Seat)

An entity representing a desk (seat) where a person may work.

Desks come in a variety of types, depending on how an organization wants to use them.
Note: Robin uses the terms desk and seat interchangeably.


idIntegerID of the desk
nameStringname of the desk
space_idIntegerID of the space the desk belongs to
spaceSpaceSpace the desk belongs to
zone_idInteger | nullID of the zone the desk belongs to
zoneZone | nullZone the desk belongs to
seat_amenitiesArrayAmenities the desk has
is_reservableBooleanIndicates if a desk is reservable (can be used as a temporary on/off switch for a desk)
disabled_atStringThe date and time the resource was disabled

Desk settings

Desk settings manage desk properties like seat-reservation-max-length(maximum length of a single reservation) or seat-reservation-types-allowed which controls the seat types.

Desk types

There are multiple desk types available for desks, controlling the types of reservations that can be made on those desks. Desk types are an array of one or more reservation types, as explained in the table:

Desk TypeDescription
["hoteled"]Hoteled desk type, used to make hoteled reservations on the desk - one-off or multiday bookings.
["hot"]Hot desk type, used to make hot reservations on the desk - reservations that can be made only on the day of the reservation
["assigned"]Assigned desk type, used to make assignedreservations. An empty assigned desk is not bookable daily by users, an assigned reservation makes the assignee the sole "owner" of the desk (the reservation is permanent, every day all day).

NOTE:Assigned desks and reservations will get phased out as organizations start to use Shared Assigned Desks
["assigned","shared"]Shared desk, not bookable on empty days - indicates a desk that will have shared reservations only. Unlike assigned reservations, shared reservations are made using a WEEKLY recurrence which allows having multiple people to be assigned on the same desk, on different days of the week. When a day of the week is not assigned on the desk, it's not available for anyone to book.
["hoteled","shared"]Shared desk, bookable on empty days - indicates a desk that can have both shared and hoteled reservations. shared reservations are used to create a fixed recurring schedule using a WEEKLY RRULE for days of the week people need to be assigned to the desk. If the desk doesn't have a shared reservation on a particular day, people can book it using hoteled reservations.

More on the reservation types on the Reservation page.