A room or area in a location.

Common examples include a "Conference Room" or "Lobby". Spaces are an important resource in that they are the parent model devices, presence and events. The space model contains references to the current and next events if they exist, as well as its parent location].


idIntegerThe ID of the space
location_idIntegerThe ID of the location
level_idIntegerThe ID of the level
nameStringThe name of the space
descriptionStringThe description of the space
imageStringA URL of containing a photo of or image representing the space
discovery_radiusFloatA decimal number that specifies the distance in meters from a beacon that a person should be standing within to be counted as present in the space
capacityIntegerThe people capacity of the space. The value returned will be null until this property is configured.
typeStringCategorical type of space
last_presence_atStringA date and time representing the last time presence was detected in the space
is_disabledBooleanIndicates if the space is disabled or enabled. Disabled spaces cannot be used with most endpoints.
is_dibsedBooleanIndicates of the space is currently in a "dibsed" state.
is_accessibleBooleanHelps indicate ADA compliant rooms. A false value implies "unknown" where as a true value indicates explicitly that a room meets accessibility compliance.

Space Types

You can assign a space's type to help categorize and tag similar function spaces together. Space type is null by default.

breakoutBreakout space
callCall room
conferenceConference room
meetingMeeting room
workWork area (e.g. department)
officePrivate office
utilityUtility room (e.g. Server, cleaning)
break_roomBreak room
restroomGeneric restroom
restroom_maleMale restroom
restroom_femaleFemale restroom
fitnessFitness center or gym
study_roomStudy room
cafeCafe (e.g. coffee or snack booth)
lactationLactation room
parkingParking space (or block of spaces)
interviewA room used for interviews
studioA studio
labA lab
listeningListening room
projectProject space
eventEvent / function space
huddleHuddle space


  "id": 78,
  "location_id": 5,
  "name": "Conference Room",
  "description": "Front meeting space for up to 14 people.",
  "image": "",
  "discovery_radius": 3.5,
  "capacity": 10,
  "type": "conference",
  "last_presence_at": "2014-10-16T13:33:21+0000",
  "is_disabled": false,
  "is_dibsed": false,
  "is_accessible": true,
  "updated_at": "2014-08-22T14:37:02+0000",
  "created_at": "2014-08-21T14:50:12+0000"